Now an OMNIA Partners Company

We are proud to announce that we are now part of OMNIA Partners, the largest and most experienced purchasing organization for public and private sector procurement in the nation.

Create Value for the Owner

The best way to increase NOI is to reduce and control operating expenses. Last year, PAS Members saved a combined total of $1.2 million which increased asset value for all members and their owners.

Purchasing Partner

GPOs work as an additional resource to your internal purchasing department for efficient sourcing, supplier management, and analytics that is tailored to your company’s needs and goals.

Advisory Solutions

For over 30 years, PAS Purchasing Solutions has been the industry leader in spend management. Our team of experts have extensive knowledge and experience in Multifamily. Our dedicated account management team provides purchasing guidance and support to develop and implement cost saving strategies.

Cost Savings

PAS Members save on day-to-day purchases and actively monitors purchasing activity to ensure consistent product and pricing.

The PAS Mission

Our goal is to save you money! We don’t replace your day-to-day purchasing process,
we simply improve it with no fees or strings attached.

Strategic Sourcing Partner

PAS Purchasing Solutions focuses on your company’s organization goals, culture and market conditions to help create and employ a purchasing solution tailored to your company’s needs. As the largest procurement service provider in the multifamily housing industry, PAS leverages select strategic suppliers to achieve incremental value and improve net operating income for its members. Our approach is to continually empower your company to fine-tune the efficiency of your team, control cost, and boost profitability.

Cost Savings Solutions

PAS Purchasing Solutions has the multifamily industry’s only customizable purchasing consulting service that allows you to control cost, reduce expenses, and increase NOI. PAS membership is a “no cost” suite of services. PAS works as your virtual purchasing team, providing custom strategic sourcing, procurement, and purchasing guidance to achieve the most savings within our network of national suppliers.

Power of Membership

A group purchasing organization, or GPO, is an entity that leverages the buying power created from bringing businesses together. By using the collective buying power, PAS obtains discounted pricing from vendors, suppliers, and service providers. GPO’s work in a similar way like a “big box” membership club, but without a membership fee or warehouse facility.

Calculate Your Savings with PAS

How many units do you own and/or manage? 9,100 unit(s)
What is your annual maintenance budget spend per unit? $200 /unit
Annual PAS Savings $122,122.00
Annual PAS Savings per Unit $1.01

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